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Neighbourfood empowers Canadians to make healthy food choices as part of a healthy lifestyle, while encouraging them to engage with their local community.

Based on Health Canada's guidelines for a healthy diet, we calculate and provide a health score for food options in the user's vicinity. This health index condenses nutritional information on macronutrient balance, caloric value, and more, into an easily comprehensible rating to better inform the user's decision on what to eat.

Datasets Used

In addition to the federal nutritional info open dataset, information has been drawn from non-governmental*, municipal, provincial, and additional federal datasets not available through the Open Data portal. Neighbourfood uses local information to provide a context for choosing food to support a healthy lifestyle. Beyond just chain restaurants, users can explore the options available from community food trees and gardens, local food vendors, and nearby supermarkets.

*Some nutritional details may be missing from non-governmental data sources, and will appear as blank values in the table.

Neighbourfood is developed by Neil Gentleman, Amelia Hardjasa, Fergus Kung and Ivan Zverev.

Calories Protein Carbs Total Fat Distance THI